Wet cleaning

For water washing, we only use a detergent with an acceptable amount of water. No organic solvent is used in this case.

Our service can include washing + drying at low temperature if the client requires it. Likewise, if the client wants a service of ironing to each one of his garments, we can do it, but only to some for the reason that not in all the garments an ironing is required.

Characteristics when washing in water:

  • Shrinkage is prevented during the cleaning process by briefly washing at low temperatures with light mechanical movements and adding special agents..
  • The fiber protection components in the detergent can prevent swelling of the fibers and loss of wool scales.
  • Shrinkage can be minimized during drying by drying clothes quickly under pressure at a high temperature, with cabinets and drying mannequins designed for it. Wet clothes are placed on the manikin and dried by hot air for approximately 5 minutes.
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